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On September 3, 2010, Chonnam National University Dental Hospital (CNUDH) has opened International Dental Clinic in order to help foreign dental patients in Gwangju and Chonnam area who have experienced inconvenience due to language and cultural barriers. Equipped with a specialized dental care system, this new dental clinic will provide foreign dental patients with a reliable and affordable high-quality dental care.

  • Dr. Seokwoo “Steven” Lee, who worked as a faculty in Periodontics at Columbia University, New York, and University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, USA, was appointed as a Director of the Clinic. All dental care will be provided in a one-stop dental care setting in addition to offering painless therapies. The clinic will also provide regular patient education to promote oral and dental health.

  • More than 100 foreign dental patients have visited Chonnam National University Dental Hospital since 2009, and it is expected that a new International Dental Clinic will provide a hassle-free, patient-oriented dental service for foreign dental patients.

    International Dental Clinic is located in the first floor of Chonnam National University Dental Hospital located in 77 Yongbong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju.

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Contact information
Dr. Seokwoo “Steven” Lee
  • Clinic Phone : (062) 530-5700
  • Phone (062) 530-5820, Cell: 010-9291-5820
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